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Performer, Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator, Transcriber

Howard Le


He is not only a composer but also a classical, Spanish, and ambient music guitarist, Le's guitar style will add a touch of romance and class to your events, wedding ceremonies, private recitals, or concerts.

A classical guitarist/composer who has devoted his life to music for more than 30 years. He has been performing guitar, arranging, and composing for his whole life.

He believes life creates music, and music enhances life; thus, he pursues music as an ambition to bring more happiness to life.

He has been a member of the New York City Classical Guitar Society; Vice President of The Vietnamese American Classical Guitar Society (Orange County California); Director board of The Greater Cincinnati Classical Guitar Society (Ohio); A member of the Amateur Classical Music Association - ACMA; the September Concert Foundation of New York city. A board member of the Greater Cincinnati Guitar Society.

He has performed annually in December at The Vermont International Festival since 2012, at Carnegie Hall New York with ACMA in 2012, 2013, 2014,... . Annually in Los Angeles County Libraries 2017, 2018, 2019.

He has performed at various events with the September Concert Foundation and private parties.


Guitar and music

Guitar is may be the only instrument where your flesh directly produces the music. Thus the sound comes directly from your heart. Thus the music originates from your soul.

If your heart is beautiful and compassionate, your music can be more soothing and relaxed.

He does not only play guitar. He also composes for guitar with other instruments. He composes his music with feeling and sensation. Music is the utmost gift from nature, it is for enhancing one's life. Why not bring it to your most beautiful moments of life?


Guitar and meditation


He merges his guitar music into meditation; creates relaxation music for meditation and mindfulness practices.



He plays at events, parties, major performances. At some charity events he offers free performance.


Composing, Arrangement & Orchestration.

He offers arrangement work and orchestration services, please check at Repetoire for samples of his arrangements.



He transcribes from audio pieces, either as precised as it can be or as a trancripstion work. Check the samples.




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