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A theme for Nomwah movie score, in which melody seemingly echoes lovers' foot steps.  

The memory emerges from the subconciousness, flies into air like a mystical entity. Music for meditation series.

A melody that reminds the wandering thoughts to be back to the presence. Music for meditation series.

A melody of the Moore (Spain)\


Fernando Sor (1778-1839)



Isaac Albeniz (1860-1909).



A sample of Arrangement.


A sample of movie score.



A music background for peotry recital.

Rodrigo Riera. Orinally played by Riera on Youtube. Howard transcribed it into music sheet for guitar and Clarinet.

You are in my dream


Thinking of you




Step into My Deserted  Garden



Aires Moriscos


Etude 11 Op 6

Fernando Sor


Danza Expanola No5


Jerusalem of gold


Movie Score Sample


Spanish Gifts


Preludio Criollo


Some of the examples... Sometimes I play pieces; other times I play my own music and there are times I improvise...

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