Some of the examples... Sometimes I play pieces; other times I play my own music and there are times I improvise...

You are in my dream


Thinking of you




Step into My Deserted  Garden



Aires Moriscos


Etude 11 Op 6

Fernando Sor


Danza Expanola No5


Jerusalem of gold


Movie Score Sample


Spanish Gifts


Preludio Criollo

A theme for Nomwah movie score, in which melody seemingly echoes lovers' foot steps.  

The memory emerges from the subconciousness, flies into air like a mystical entity. Music for meditation series.

A melody that reminds the wandering thoughts to be back to the presence. Music for meditation series.

A melody of the Moore (Spain)\


Fernando Sor (1778-1839)



Isaac Albeniz (1860-1909).



A sample of Arrangement.


A sample of movie score.



A music background for peotry recital.

Rodrigo Riera. Orinally played by Riera on Youtube. Howard transcribed it into music sheet for guitar and Clarinet.